Gain a deeper understanding of your product’s performance and stay connected to your customers using the Tiletag.




The Tiletag a hardware device, independent of the LOOMIA LEL that can be used to collect product use data over time. The Tiletag can be used for controlled user studies, or to provide rewards to customers.  The entire experience of the Tiletag is powered by the TILE token and offers a blockchain based data storage option to protect user privacy.

The Tiletag runs off of a battery and is a single use item. It is predicted to work for 2 years with normal use before the battery dies.

The TILE tag does not collect GPS data or have a bluetooth module. It respects user data because it can only transmit data when the user chooses to sync the tag via NFC.


Step 1 - LOOMIA TILE tags are sewn into your garments in your factory

Step 2 - Your controlled user group signs up for the TILE app and creates a wallet

Step 3 - Users tap the tag to their phones to sync the tag’s data.

Step 4 - Users can choose to exchange the data for TILE tokens, or to store the data in Storj for their own use.

Step 5 - Data collected can be downloaded from LOOMIA’s backend platform and analyzed for user trends.

The Tiletag features the following sensors:

  • Accelerometer

  • Real Time Clock

  • Temperature Sensor

Image Credits: Tomorrow Lab

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